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Catalytic Philanthropy
SSIR I Fall 2009

Despite spending billions to create the world's largest nonprofit sector, philanthropists have fallen far short of solving America's most pressing problems. Mark Kramer suggests what to do about it.

Harlem Children's Zone: National Model?
Washington Post I August 2, 2009
Obama Administration to replicate Geoffrey Canada's Harlem Children's Zone model in other cities to ease the plight of poor children.
Billy Starr: Star Fundraiser
New York Times I July 31, 2009
A profile of one of the nation's savviest fundraisers, raising $240 million for cancer research alone.
Nearly Half of Charities Cut Jobs: Survey
Chronicle of Philanthropy I July 29, 2009
Some 47.5 percent of nonprofits have laid off staff to cut costs as donations dwindle. Another 15.8 percent have put a freeze on hiring.
Why Overhead Isn't Evil to an NPO
Fast Company I July/August 2009's Nancy Lublin writes that nonprofit overhead is not always a sign of waste; measuring effectiveness would be wiser.
The Patient Capitalist
The Economist I May 21, 2009
A profie of Acumen Fund founder Jacqueline Novogratz and her work to transform the world's approach to development.
Madoff and America's Poorer Foundations
New York Times I January 29, 2009
New York Times writer Nicholas Kristof compiles a list of the 147 foundations hit hardest by the Madoff scandal.
Peter Gabriel: Rocker and Philanthropist I Winter 2008
A profile of Peter Gabriel, rock star and founder of
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