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GLOBAL NEWS, WOMEN’S VOICES globalfundforwomen.org/cms/blog/ World events junkies can get a near-daily dose of how the days’ top global news stories impact women on this blog hosted by the San Francisco-based Global Fund for Women, a foundation that supports international women’s rights work. Written by the nonprofit’s communications associate Preeti Mangala Shekar, the site offers a grass-roots focus that other blogs lack: when Pakistan descended into chaos in November, Shekar posted observations from the fund’s Pakistan-based grantees. Launched in November 2006, this blog aims to provide global coverage of current events from the ground up: one recent item translated French text from a program grantee, describing the impact of sexual violence on women living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The site will regularly post in Spanish this year.


WHAT’S GOOD FOR GIRLS whatsgoodforgirls.blogspot.com/ Started in 2006 by Patti Binder, then a YWCA program director, this site features in-depth profiles of innovative programs to empower girls. It aims to “foster resilience in girls and help them become strong human beings,” says Binder, 36, now the deputy director at Girls Education & Mentoring Services, a nonprofit serving girls who have experienced sexual exploitation. Recent postings range from announcing a panel on misogyny in rap music to asking readers to comment on a new, urban feminist comic book.


WASHINGTON AREA WOMEN’S FOUNDATION thewomensfoundation.org/category/blog/ This blog focuses solely on women and philanthropy. Founded in 2006, it is maintained by communications director Lisa Kays, who casts a wide geographic net despite her base in Washington, D.C. The idea, says Kays, is “to create a great go-to resource for women who are interested in investing in women and girls.” Besides posting commentary herself, Kay also features guest bloggers. A recent posting dis•cussed one person’s experience giving away $1 million. Another, from a Fairfax, Va., women’s advocate, bemoaned the difficulty of finding qualified child-care workers in her county. Says Kays: “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.”




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